LiteTouch™ Laser Cocktail party

Krakow-Lodz-Warsaw, Poland
12 - 14 June, 2019


Celebrating LiteTouch™ in Laser Cocktail Parties throughout Poland!


LiteTouch™ will be the main topic in 3 unique Laser Cocktail Parties throughout Poland, three nights in a row. From Krakow in the south, to Lodz and finishing in Warshaw at the center of Poland, leading dental laser expert Prof. Roly Kornblit. will present the clinical applications of LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser in the fields of dentistry – from aesthetic dentistry to implantology.


Marku Dental, LiteTouch™ distributor in Poland, will host the cocktail parties in Krakow (June 12th), Lodz (June 13th) and Warsaw (June 14th).


Interested in Dental lasers and wish to join the party? Contact Marku Dental at: +48 34 367 00 00


Download the agenda (In Polish)!
LiteTouch™ Laser Cocktail party