Laser Specialists Training Course

National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan
13 January, 2019

If you have a dental laser device but still are not familiar with all its uses and capabilities,

Yes Bio, LiteTouch™ distributor in Taiwan & the Asia Pacific Laser Institute, welcome you to explore and enrich your knowledge in Laser Dentistry at the upcoming “Laser Specialist Training Course”.


This course will allow you to get the most innovative dental laser knowledge and expose you to a priceless review of clinical practices cases as a laser specialist.

Following this session, you will further understand this next-generation instrument and easily achieve the Laser Dentistry Certification.


The course will be guided by Dr. Kaisheng Chen, an experienced specialist in Laser Dentistry, applying it mainly in periodontal surgery and bone-guided surgery, accompanied by Professor Jyunh H.  Ke, a dental laser expert, who will share his precious experiences, knowledge and related cases treated with dental lasers.


The event will take place at National Taipei University of Technology, Comprehensive Department Hall, Henglong Taili Hall (Classroom #115) in Taipei, Taiwan at 10 am.

To read the invitation leaflet in Chinese, please download the PDF file below.


Be the next doctor to use LiteTouch™ laser to benefit the public.  Looking forward to seeing you all in Taipei!


  • The event ticket grants participants also with a significant discount for accessing next year World Laser Medicine Congress in June.
  • For registration please contact the event secretariat at Tel: +886 (02) 29571828 (Ken)
  • For more details about LiteTouch™ in Taiwan, please contact YesBio International Corporation at email:
Invitation leaflet in Chinese
Laser Specialists Training Course