Laser Meets Big Green Egg

Winery Davaz, Fläsch, Switzerland
23 - 24 May, 2019

Laser technology – the future of dentistry is already here!


Orcos Medical presents the “Laser Meets Big Green Egg” course where Dental Laser experts will answer hard questions like:


  • Can laser technology do what it promises?
  • Why are patients so interested in laser treatments?
  • Why are dentists so enthusiastic about lasers?
  • Where is the laser most beneficial and how can I return my investment in a short period of time?
  • Can I also treat emergencies with the laser?
  • Which laser would be most suitable for my practice?
  • Are lasers the ideal treatment for peri-implantitis?


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Want to learn more?

  • Download the course agenda (in Swiss) – below
  • Or contact Orcos Medical at: +41 44 400 92 92
Course agenda (in Swiss)
Laser Meets Big Green Egg