Which are the advantages of the LiteTouch™ laser compared to other Er:YAG dental lasers?
The LiteTouch™ laser uses a direct delivery of energy to tissues, contrary to other lasers which employ different delivery systems. Thus, energy loss is minimized.
Moreover, LiteTouch™ is easy to manipulate during dental procedures, the handpiece swivels 360° for easy maneuvering and there are no maintenance costs as the delivery system has no breakable parts.
How do I know if my practice is ready for laser dentistry?
If you would like to offer new and modern quality dental treatments, better standard of care to your patients while broadening your practice, then you are ready for laser dentistry.
How can I learn to use the LiteTouch™ dental laser?
Light Instruments offers courses to teach how to properly use the LiteTouch™ laser in different dental fields. Our training centers offer also seminars, reviews and hands-on on the role of the Er:YAG laser in cavity preparation, soft tissue surgery, osseous surgery, implantology and more.
How can a dentist promote the LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser to patients?
Presenting the main benefits patients can have through laser treatments:
• Reduces need for anesthesia
• Healthier for teeth (preserves healthy tooth structure while removing decay)
• Kills germs, thus less need for antibiotics
• Protects teeth against recurrent decay
• Requires fewer visits to dentist’s clinic
• No drilling sounds or vibration
• Offers less post-treatment discomfort
• Accepted better by children
Is LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser safe for pulp temperature?
Many studies have shown that laser irradiation of enamel and dentin may occur without any thermal damage to the dental pulp. The thermal increase in the pulp generated by the laser with spray air / water is identical to the one generated by rotary instruments.
Anyway, research has proved that temperature increase in the pulp during Er:YAG lasing does not exceed the threshold of 5.5ºC.
How come the LiteTouch™ laser is smaller than other Er:YAG dental lasers?
The LiteTouch™ laser is the first and only dental laser using a direct delivery system. This means that the laser source is on a cord outside the machine, next to the handpiece. In other dental lasers, the laser source is inside the machine, making for a larger and heavier device.
As the LiteTouch™ device itself contains only electric and water systems, then it is compact in size and easily integrated into any dental office.
Are LiteTouch™ tips reusable?
Yes, they are. LiteTouch™ tips can be sterilized and autoclaved, so they can be reused.