Refine Your Surgical Capabilities

D-Touch™ is a 980nm Dental Diode Laser for a wide range of soft tissue treatments. Its superiority is in precise soft tissue surgery. When cutting soft tissue, the laser’s hemostatic effect ensures a bloodless environment and a clearer view of the surgical site. D-Touch™ is also beneficial for Endodontic disinfection, Periodontal and Aesthetic treatments.

Precise Your Treatment

D-Touch™ has 4 pulse modes: Super Short, Short, Pulse, Long and a CW (Continuous Wave) mode. The Super Short and Short pulse modes enable the dentist to control the amount of laser energy used during the treatment in order to avoid overheating or damage to the underlying or surrounding tissue. These unique pulse modes correlate with the tissue relaxation time resulting in less heat accumulated in the target tissue. Using these modes increase the precision of the treatment, allowing fast recovery and healing of the treated tissue.

Plug and Lase

D- Touch™ is equipped with a variety of flexible and bendable fiber tips which come in different lengths and sizes, as well as an available Whitening tip and Bio-Stimulation tip. Designed to maximize the dentist’s user experience, the D-Touch™ friendly user interface and defined pre-sets, make it an intuitive and easy-to–use laser device for every clinic.

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