Er: YAG Laser in Handpiece

Benign odontogenic tumors can be removed in a minimal-invasive surgery using the LiteTouch™ Er:YAG Dental laser's precise cutting capabilities. Excisional or incisional biopsies can be taken with the LiteTouch™ Er:YAG without any histological artefacts, leaving a clear cut and resulting in less postoperative complications. 

Different oral pathologies such as leucoplakia, mucocele and aphthous stomatitis (oral aphthae) can be treated with Er:YAG laser in a minimal invasive manner, reducing symptoms and pain.

Clinical Movies:

Biopsy with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Dr. Yaniv Mayer, Israel

Mucocele removal with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Prof. Georgi Tomov, Bulgaria

Fibroma removal with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Prof. Roly Kornblit, Italy

Fibroma removal with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Prof. Marco Bonelli Bassano, Italy

Articles & Clinical Cases:

1. Complex laser-assisted management of drug-induced gingival hyperplasia

2. Removal of a fibroma using an Er:YAG laser

3. Treatment of black hairy tongue

4. Er:YAG laser application for removal of keratosis using topical anesthesia

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