Er: YAG Laser in Handpiece
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Maxillofacial Surgery

Laser dental surgery for precise and selective osteotomy

The use of LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser for osteotomy rather than using other traditional devices have several advantages. Excellent clear cutting efficiency without smear layer, no temperature alterations and no trauma to the surrounding bone are only some of them.

The bone ablation is performed in a precise and selective way, while maintaining tissue integrity. The bactericidal property of the LiteTouch laser decontaminates the surgical site.

Laser dental surgery – less post-operative complications

The LiteTouch™ laser osteotomy characteristics of noncontact intervention, no mechanical vibration, free of debris and aseptic surgery field, help to achieve rapid healing without swelling or inflammatory complications and with less postoperative pain. Also the Intraoperative bone surgery complications like bone fracture, neve injuries, dislocation or damage to the teeth, are reduced when bone surgery is performed with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser.

Bone surgery of the third impacted molar, bone sinus elevation and other maxillofacial bone surgeries can be executed safely, even in regards to histo-morphological changes.