Er: YAG Laser in Handpiece

With LiteTouch™ Er:YAG Dental Laser it is possible to prepare the bone in a precise, non-traumatic way, for the insertion of mini implants and cortical bone implant anchorage.

LiteTouch™ Er:YAG Dental Laser is also the preferred treatment for Peri-Implantitis. Without damaging the implant surface, the LiteTouch™ Laser is used to remove the granulation tissue and disinfect the implant surface and the surrounding tissue.

Moreover, irradiating the bone implant site before implant placement stimulates osseointegration, even in immediate implantation after tooth extraction. The LiteTouch™ bio-stimulation characteristics, increase the bone-implant contact and encourage tissue regeneration process after implantation.

Clinical Movies:

Coagulation and disinfection after implantation with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Dr. Benjamin Perelle, Belgium

Implant bed preparation with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Dr. Jacek Matys, Poland

Peri-implantitis surgery with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Dr. Bernard Dahan, Israel

Peri-implantitis treatment with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Dr. Joseph Favia, USA

Peri-implantitis pocket disinfection with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Prof. Roly Kornblit, Italy

Zirconia implants with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Dr. Avi Reyhanian

Cleaning advanced peri-implantitis with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser
Dr. Fabrice Baodot, France

Removal of granulation tissue and bone remodeling with LiteTouch™ Er:YAG laser

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