Mr. Ilan Ron

Mr. Ilan Ron

R&D Manager

Ilan is an expert in multidisciplinary R&D management, with more than 25 years of experience in the medical device and telecom industries, among other hi-tech fields.

Before joining Light Instruments, Ilan was VP R&D at ATI Advanced Medical Technologies, where he was responsible for all research and development activities, including the management of various external subcontractors. Ilan previously held a number of development and management positions at major companies including Eneright Technologies (CEO), FlexLight Networks (Director of H/W Development), NSN (Senior System Engineer), Seabridge Networks (R&D Group Manager), Pearls of Wisdom, TDC, and more.

Ilan graduated from Tel Aviv University with a B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering. A highly-regarded inventor, Ilan holds four international patents, two in the medical device domain and two in telecommunications.

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