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Light Instruments Ltd. is an Israel-based company that has made its name as an innovator in the dental laser field continuously raising the bar with its advanced high-end technologies.

In 2007, Light Instruments introduced the first generation of the LiteTouch™ dental laser with its revolutionary Laser-in-Handpiece™ technology, the world’s most versatile non-fiber Er:YAG laser device for soft and hard tissue dental treatments.

In 2019 the company launched its state-of-the-art Dental Lasers line, including the third generation of the LiteTouch™ Er:YAG dental laser, the D-Touch™ a superior Diode 980nm dental laser and the Dentaray™, the world’s only 9.6 CO2 dental laser.

Introducing LiteTouch™: LiteTouch™ is the world’s smallest Erbium YAG dental laser which uses light energy to precisely sculpt dental tissues in a minimal-invasive way. With its laser wavelength optimally absorbed in water and hydroxyapatite, it can be used on both hard and soft tissues for ablating, cutting and decontaminating proving excellent efficiency. Its Laser-in-Handpiece™ technology houses the entire laser mechanism in a uniquely small chamber. This innovative technology allows direct energy delivery and an unmatched maneuverability enabling dentists to perform procedures precisely and quickly. The LiteTouch™ is already becoming an indispensable device in leading dental clinics worldwide.  Read more

Introducing D-Touch™: D-Touch™ is a 980nm Diode dental laser superior in its precise soft tissue surgery capabilities. Its hemostatic effect ensures a blood-free environment providing a clearer view of the treated area and as a result, a more precise and effective treatment. For better control, the various pulse modes of the D-Touch™, define the amount of energy emitted at a given time, avoiding overheating of underlying or surrounding tissue. It’s friendly user interface and defined presents, makes it a desirable device in every clinic and the preferred gateway to the world of laser dentistry.  

Introducing Dentaray™: Dentaray is the world’s only 9.6µm CO2 Dental Laser ideal for both hard and soft tissue procedures. Amongst all CO2 lasers, the Dentaray 9.6µm wavelength has the highest absorption rate in hydroxyapatite which is present in hard tissues such as the enamel, dentin and bone. When absorbed in hydroxyapatite, it changes the morphological structures of the hard tissue and vaporizes it. The optimal combination of the 9.6µm wavelength, high repetition rate, super short pulses and water cooling system results in a fast, precise and minimal invasive hard tissue ablation, without carbonization. The 9.6µm wavelength CO2 laser was also proven to be effective in preventive dentistry, inhibiting caries progression in pits and fissures and demineralization of tooth enamel. The Dentaray 9.6µm CO2 Dental Laser is a game changer in the world of Dental Lasers. 

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